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Health Catalyst Touchstone: The Next-Generation AI-Powered Healthcare Benchmarking and Performance Improvement Solution

Health Catalyst recently launched Health Catalyst® Touchstone™, a breakthrough analytics application featuring next-generation benchmarking and prioritization capabilities powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to supercharge healthcare improvement initiatives. A survey of 100 hospital and health system executives conducted this month by Health Catalyst confirmed that benchmarking is as important as regulatory requirements in determining organizational improvement [...]

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Konica Minolta Healthcare’s Exa Enterprise Imaging Delivers Intelligent Analytics to Radiology Departments

As the healthcare industry navigates the incorporation of artificial intelligence and machine learning for tomorrow, one company is focused on delivering intelligent analytics for radiology departments and imaging centers today. At the annual meeting of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) March 5-9, Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc., will demonstrate the infusion of [...]

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Glassbeam Announces Artificial Intelligence Application for Healthcare Provider Market

Glassbeam, Inc., the premier machine data analytics company, announced recently that it has successfully built Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications powered by Machine Learning (ML) models for predicting part failures in expensive imaging modalities, allowing healthcare providers to deliver better and more efficient patient care.  Business impact of such new applications delivered real time through cloud-based [...]

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Medical AI Startup Infermedica Releases a New Platform for Insurers

Infermedica, a Polish and US-based company, has released its white-labeled symptom checker and triage platform after successful pilots with European healthcare insurance companies Allianz Partners, Dovera, and PZU. Infermedica utilizes Artificial Intelligence technology which has the potential to significantly improve quality of care, both on the provider and the patient side. The application advises patients [...]

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Nuance Unveils AI-Powered Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 to Improve Documentation Accuracy and Efficiency

Nuance Communications, Inc. today announced the release of Dragon Medical Practice Edition4, the latest locally installed version of Nuance’s industry-leading clinical speech recognition solution for smaller practices. Through deep learning technology and sophisticated acoustic models, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 puts Nuance’s leading artificial intelligence (AI)-powered technology in the hands of busy clinicians in independent [...]

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New Clinical Data Research Confirms Medial EarlySign’s Machine Learning Platform Can Identify Patients at High-Risk for Colorectal Cancer

Medial EarlySign, a developer of machine learning tools for data-driven medicine, recently announced the results of new research in collaboration with a top integrated health care delivery system in the United States. The study confirms the efficacy of Medial EarlySign's ColonFlag[TM] tool in identifying individuals with 10 times higher risk of harboring undiagnosed colorectal cancer [...]

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Genpact Cora: Artificial Intelligence-Based Platform

Genpact recently unveiled Genpact Cora – an artificial intelligence (AI)-based platform that accelerates digital transformation for enterprises. Genpact Cora is a modular, interconnected mesh of flexible digital technologies that hones in on specific operational business challenges and tackles them from beginning to end, helping large global companies reframe and solve their most pressing real world [...]

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Research Collaboration Demonstrates Use of Deep Learning to Develop Expert Level Comprehensive Cardiac Arrhythmia Detection Algorithm

iRhythm Technologies, Inc. is now collaborating with the Stanford Machine Learning Group resulting in the development of a deep learning algorithm capable of expert level detection of 14 cardiac output classes, including 12 arrhythmias as well as Sinus Rhythm and noise from artifact. The collaboration leveraged the iRhythm data science and clinical teams’ expertise in [...]

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Tempus and University of Michigan Collaborate on Breast Cancer Initiative

Tempus, a technology company focused on helping doctors personalize cancer care by collecting, sorting and analyzing clinical and molecular data and the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center have entered into a second collaboration aimed at identifying the most effective care for individuals diagnosed with breast cancer by analyzing molecular data related to in-vitro biological [...]

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IBM Machine Vision Technology Advances Early Detection of Diabetic Eye Disease Using Deep Learning

IBM released the results of new research using deep learning and visual analytics technology to advance early detection of diabetic retinopathy (DR). The results, which classify the degree of severity of the disease in an eye image, exceed other currently published research efforts for severity classification using deep learning and pathology insights. The research found [...]

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