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IBM Brings Anaconda Open Data Science Platform to IBM Cognitive Systems

IBM is working with Continuum Analytics to offer Anaconda, a leading Open Data Science platform, on IBM Cognitive Systems. Anaconda will also integrate with the PowerAI software distribution for machine learning and deep learning that makes it simple and fast to take advantage of Power performance and GPU optimization for data intensive cognitive workloads. "Anaconda [...]

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Unisys Unveils Machine-Learning-as-a-Service to Automate Advanced Data Analytics

Unisys Corporation launched its Machine-Learning-as-a-Service, a new service offering that enables organizations to predict changes in business conditions and quickly evaluate potential responses to those changes. Available as part of the Unisys Analytics Platform, the new service combines a library of machine learning algorithms with a suite of proven methodologies and processes that analyze and [...]

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Stratifyd Reveals the Internet Second

Stratifyd, Inc. revealed its first annual look at the amount of data created in an Internet Second. The second has become forgotten, passing in the blink of an eye. But on the internet, a second is a lifetime. Every moment, 28,935 GB of data are being created across countless corners of the web. Stratifyd analyzed [...]

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Greenwave Systems Announces AXON Predict

Greenwave Systems, Inc. now offers a real-time visual edge analytics solution called AXON Predict™, as a result of acquiring Predixion Software. While most analytics solutions get data 'from' the edge and push it to the cloud for processing, Greenwave's AXON Predict performs analytics 'at' the edge. It adds a new level of intelligence to machines [...]

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Glassbox Launches Feature To Automate Analytics and Anomaly Detection

Glassbox launched its Automatic Insights feature that offers automated anomaly detection and real-time analytics. The feature will build on Glassbox's automatic tag-less recording capabilities to provide an end-to-end enterprise-wide digital transformation solution. Automatic Insights will proactively alert IT teams and marketing executives when there is a problem with online conversion rates, so that they can [...]

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AI to Analyze Recent Crime Patterns and Predict Criminal Activity

Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Zone Technologies, Inc. ("Zone"), announced the completion of beta testing of Zone's proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Zone plans to include this AI technology in its RedZone Map app, providing features designed to analyze recent crime patterns and predict criminal activity. Zone expects this technology – [...]

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Smart Store Analytics Solutions – Ariat International Selects RetailNext

RetailNext Inc. entered into an agreement to be the in-store analytics solution provider for Ariat International, the leading manufacturer of innovative equestrian performance footwear and apparel. In November, 2016, Ariat opened its first-ever, brand shop with the RetailNext platform in Fresno, California. The shop is a showcase for Ariat's entire product line and where unique [...]

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Bringing Brand-Focused Metrics to Mobile Messaging

Emogi, the visual expression platform for mobile messaging, partnered with Moat – a SaaS Analytics company focused on delivering 3rd party measurement and Attention Analytics to marketers and publishers. The new partnership will provide Moat's standardized metrics to measure branded content in mobile messaging for the first time - empowering brands to more confidently shift [...]

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