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Warp-CTC, Open Source AI Software

Recently, Baidu’s Silicon Valley AI Lab (SVAIL) released Warp-CTC, open source software for the machine learning community. Warp-CTC can be used to solve supervised problems that map an input sequence to an output sequence, such as speech recognition. A Warp-CTC Q&A: Baidu’s Silicon Valley AI Lab Releases Warp-CTC, Open Source AI Software

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Execute Python machine learning scripts in Azure Machine Learning Studio

This topic describes the design principles underlying the current support for Python scripts in Azure Machine Learning. The main capabilities are also outlined, including support for importing existing code, exporting visualizations and, finally, some of the limitations and ongoing work are discussed. Python is an indispensable tool in the tool chest of many data scientists. [...]

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A Roadmap towards Machine Intelligence

The development of intelligent machines is one of the biggest unsolved challenges in computer science. In this paper, we propose some fundamental properties these machines should have, focusing in particular on communication and learning. We discuss a simple environment that could be used to incrementally teach a machine the basics of natural-language-based communication, as a [...]

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Will the force awaken? Where will cognitive intelligence lead us?

The future of mankind is being devised and tested right here on earth, we do not have to look at a galaxy far, far away. We are already pitting machine intelligence against human intelligence with the result that the boundary of science fiction and reality is slowly blurring. Cognitive Intelligence Amelia, Watson, Pepper, Siri, and [...]

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Getting Started with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

If you're not a data scientist, but you're interested in data mining and predictive analytics, and you want to go beyond just reporting the numbers, check out this course on Azure Machine Learning (ML). ML is the inexpensive, easy-to-access, and powerful predictive analytics offering from Microsoft. In this demo-rich course, led by entertaining experts Buck [...]

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Can This Man Make AI More Human?

Like any proud father, Gary Marcus is only too happy to talk about the latest achievements of his two-year-old son. More unusually, he believes that the way his toddler learns and reasons may hold the key to making machines much more intelligent. Sitting in the boardroom of a bustling Manhattan startup incubator, Marcus, a 45-year-old [...]

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