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Medical AI Startup Infermedica Releases a New Platform for Insurers

Infermedica, a Polish and US-based company, has released its white-labeled symptom checker and triage platform after successful pilots with European healthcare insurance companies Allianz Partners, Dovera, and PZU. Infermedica utilizes Artificial Intelligence technology which has the potential to significantly improve quality of care, both on the provider and the patient side. The application advises patients [...]

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Nuance Unveils AI-Powered Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 to Improve Documentation Accuracy and Efficiency

Nuance Communications, Inc. today announced the release of Dragon Medical Practice Edition4, the latest locally installed version of Nuance’s industry-leading clinical speech recognition solution for smaller practices. Through deep learning technology and sophisticated acoustic models, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 puts Nuance’s leading artificial intelligence (AI)-powered technology in the hands of busy clinicians in independent [...]

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How AI Will Revolutionize Every Area of Your Business

According to recent studies, the world market for Artificial Intelligence will have a value of almost 60,000 million dollars by 20261. This technology is radically changing the way we work and do business. For companies, the correct use of Artificial Intelligence can mean an increase in sales, substantially improving each of the company's areas, eradicating [...]

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AI Expo Announce Their 2018 World Series

The AI Expo Conference and Exhibition; The AI Expo North America 2017 was a huge success, over 10,500 people attended over the two-day event which focused on AI, IoT and Blockchain. Now they have announced their 2018 world series with further events taking place in London, Amsterdam and Silicon Valley. The AI Expo event series [...]

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Suning and Emotibot introduce AI shopping assistant at CES 2018

Suning, China's leading retailer, showcased the artificial intelligence (AI) shopping assistant, Sue, developed by Chinese AI technology firm Emotibot, at CES 2018. Sue, a new AI retail solution, guided shopping assistant that understands shopper's emotion, is scheduled to be deployed in Suning's brick-and-mortar stores across mainland China during 2018. With the roll-out of Sue, Suning has taken [...]

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Powered by Sophisticated AI and Machine Learning, Entelo Launches Envoy to Make Hiring Smart for Everyone

Entelo, the recruiting automation platform modernizing hiring, recently announced the public launch of its powerful new sourcing software, Entelo Envoy, to allow any company to dramatically accelerate the identification and hiring of the right people. Entelo Envoy builds upon the company’s existing platform, using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to automatically identify, qualify, and [...]

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BuildingLink’s New AI-Powered ImageR Software Speeds Package Handling in Residential Buildings

BuildingLink, an industry leader in technology solutions for residential property management, announces the release of ImageR™, a powerful package-scanning module enhancement to their GEO® app. The newly-launched ImageR module uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and artificial intelligence elements to import delivery information directly into BuildingLink, simply by scanning the package label with any GEO-equipped Android [...]

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Global Net Solutions: IoT S-Badge Increases Safety, Security, provides Business Insights

Global Net Solutions (GNS) recently unveiled its S-Badge, a revolutionary IoT-based security solution designed to improve safety and tackle insider threats and breaches in high security environments, such as airports, hospitals, school districts and college campuses, government agencies and more. The S-Badge solution is the world’s first security system leveraging a multi-sensor Bluetooth low energy [...]

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CES 2018: OMRON Provides An Exciting Inside Look At Latest Advances

OMRON Corporation is showcasing its latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, automation and sensing and control at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. OMRON Corp.'s inaugural booth at CES focuses on the harmony that can be achieved between humans and machines with interactive demonstrations showing how technological innovation can effectively meet [...]

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Petcube: AI-powered Pet Recognition and Introduction of Pet Selfies

At the Digital Experience event and Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Petcube is demoing its pet detection technology, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to recognize pets, trigger recording of pet selfie videos, and initiate two-way video calls. The feature update will be rolled out to compatible Petcube Play and Petcube Bites devices on [...]

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