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Anexinet Enhances ListenLogic With Artificial Intelligence and Ensemble Machine Learning Capabilities

Anexinet Corporation, a leading provider of digital business solutions, announced the release of ListenLogic 3.0. ListenLogic 3.0 has been upgraded with over 20 new enhancements to more efficiently gather data across contact center records, social media posts, email conversations, marketing surveys and automatically return meaningful business insights. Significant improvements include new artificial intelligence (AI) and [...]

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Health Catalyst Touchstone: The Next-Generation AI-Powered Healthcare Benchmarking and Performance Improvement Solution

Health Catalyst recently launched Health Catalyst® Touchstone™, a breakthrough analytics application featuring next-generation benchmarking and prioritization capabilities powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to supercharge healthcare improvement initiatives. A survey of 100 hospital and health system executives conducted this month by Health Catalyst confirmed that benchmarking is as important as regulatory requirements in determining organizational improvement [...]

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Singapore-Based Conversational Ai Startup Breaks Into North America With Key Bank Clients

Singapore-based artificial intelligence startup, Active Intelligence Pte Ltd (Active.Ai), made a significant step into the United States and Mexico by signing two important clients. Active.Ai is an enterprise platform for financial services that helps facilitate intelligent micro-conversations. Active.Ai has raised US$11.75m from marquee investors, seen notable success enabling India’s top-tier banks, including four of the [...]

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Cisco 2018 Annual Cybersecurity Report: Security Leaders Rely on and Invest in Automation, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Defend Against Threats

Malware sophistication is increasing as adversaries begin to weaponize cloud services and evade detection through encryption, used as a tool to conceal command-and-control activity. To reduce adversaries’ time to operate, security professionals said they will increasingly leverage and spend more on tools that use AI and machine learning, reported in the 11th Cisco® 2018 Annual [...]

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Panasonic to Launch Face Recognition Server Software Using Deep Learning Technology

Panasonic Corporation announced that it will release face recognition server software using deep learning technology in July 2018 outside Japan and in August 2018 in Japan. Featuring a core engine that boasts the world's highest face recognitionperformance(*1), this high-precision face recognition software can identify faces that are difficult to recognize with conventional technologies, including [...]

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InsurTech Company to Use Machine Learning to Optimize Consumer Experience

Kanetix Ltd., in partnership with, is the first Canadian InsurTech company to successfully pilot artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance customer experience and improve marketing ROI. Kanetix Ltd. will now scale this technology across the organization and bring it to its insurance partners. Janine White, Vice-President, Marketplaces at Kanetix Ltd. says, "AI is [...]

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Konica Minolta Healthcare’s Exa Enterprise Imaging Delivers Intelligent Analytics to Radiology Departments

As the healthcare industry navigates the incorporation of artificial intelligence and machine learning for tomorrow, one company is focused on delivering intelligent analytics for radiology departments and imaging centers today. At the annual meeting of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) March 5-9, Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc., will demonstrate the infusion of [...]

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[24] Releases the Only Virtual Agent with Integrated Conversational and Informational Capabilities

[24]'s Winter 2018 Release enhances the company's flagship product [24]7 AIVA, to support both informational and conversational journeys in a single solution. This enables enterprises to handle everything from simple queries to complex interactions. The company also announced that it has more than 150 patents and patent applications, and [24] Virtual Agents handled more than [...]

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Glassbeam Announces Artificial Intelligence Application for Healthcare Provider Market

Glassbeam, Inc., the premier machine data analytics company, announced recently that it has successfully built Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications powered by Machine Learning (ML) models for predicting part failures in expensive imaging modalities, allowing healthcare providers to deliver better and more efficient patient care.  Business impact of such new applications delivered real time through cloud-based [...]

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Qubole and Snowflake Bring Machine Learning to the Cloud Data Warehouse

Qubole, the cloud big data-as-a-service company, and Snowflake Computing, the only data warehouse built for the cloud, recently announced a new partnership that enables organizations to use Apache Spark in Qubole with data stored in Snowflake. With the new integration between cloud services, data teams can build, train and put in production powerful machine learning [...]

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