BuildingLink, an industry leader in technology solutions for residential property management, announces the release of ImageR™, a powerful package-scanning module enhancement to their GEO® app. The newly-launched ImageR module uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and artificial intelligence elements to import delivery information directly into BuildingLink, simply by scanning the package label with any GEO-equipped Android device.

“ImageR is a huge leap forward when it comes to scanning and tracking packages and vastly speeds up the process,” says Jerry Kestenbaum, CEO. “The OCR and AI technology at work in ImageR is leading edge. It’s been under development for over a year, and now that we see it in action, it’s exceeding our best hopes for the product.”

ImageR reduces individual package check-in times from 52 seconds down to around 8 seconds, saving building staff members hours of time each week, while also eliminating manual entry errors.

BuildingLink’s current client base of over 4,100 buildings received and tracked more than 46 million resident deliveries in 2017. The company pioneered the first electronic package-tracking system for the multi-family residence industry over 15 years ago. ImageR is the latest in a long line of enhancements to the original system, has already garnered rave reviews from beta testers in select buildings.

“Let me tell you, I love it. I can enter packages in a split second. Just scan it, listen for the beep, and it’s done,” says Terrence Brown of the Liberty View, a 294-unit residential building in Manhattan. “I use it all day long. It’s the best innovation that BuildingLink has come up with so far.”

Concierge Daniel Cervini at The Solaire, another luxury rental property in New York, says: “ImageR has changed the way we input packages and has saved us a lot of time. We really like that we aren’t confined to scanning at the front desk only. With ImageR, we can move from package to package, logging everything in quickly on the device.”

BuildingLink’s 17-year track record for imagining and actualizing new technologies in the residential real estate tech space has led to the recent formation of BuildingLink Labs, a dedicated research and development arm. Other Labs initiatives include Aware!, which employs IoT sensors to gather operating data on a wide range of building processes, as well as the BuildingLink “Smart Building” Alexa skill, which lets residents access in-building information and services via voice commands.

“BuildingLink Labs reflects our commitment to proactively identifying and creating the residential management technology solutions of tomorrow, today!” says Kestenbaum. “AI, OCR, voice-recognition, leak detection, elevator analytics…whatever can be created to help buildings of all kinds run better, we’re working on it!”