On May 7, Altoros and @WalmartLabs will be hosting a mega meetup in Sunnyvale, CA, dedicated to deep learning with TensorFlow. The technology is an open-source machine intelligence library created by Google in 2015. TensorFlow uses data graphs to represent mathematical operations and the multi-dimensional data arrays (tensors) communicated in between.

“The variety, number, and scale of models that large retailers have to handle makes model lifecycle management an important consideration for technology choices at Walmart,” said Esteban Arcaute, Head of Data Science, @WalmartLabs. “That’s why we are excited to host TensorBeat 2017 and support the deep learning community and TensorFlow users everywhere.”

The event – TensorBeat 2017 – is organized by Altoros, a global cloud-native development company. Amazon’s Alexa, CloudMinds, MuleSoft, and @WalmartLabs have been named Premium Sponsors.

According to Chandra Khatri, Applied AI Scientist at Amazon, “The Alexa Science and Machine Learning team is thrilled to sponsor this meetup,” helping to foster the TensorFlow community.

The announced sessions and speakers:

— “Building an Answer Bot in the Cloud” (Avkash Chauhan, H2O)
— “Machine Learning on VMware vSphere 6 with NVIDIA GPUs” (Lan Vu and Uday Kurkure, VMware)
— “Dive Deeper into Finance with TensorFlow” (Daniel Egloff, QuantAlea)
— “Practical Reinforcement Learning with TensorFlow” (Illia Polosukhin, XIX.ai)
— “Control Flow Operations in TensorFlow” (Sam Abrahams, Metis)
— “TensorFlow Visualization with Guild AI” (Garrett Smith, Guild AI)
— “How to Run TensorFlow More Cheaply in the Cloud Using Elastic GPUs” (Subbu Rama, Bitfusion)

Two panels will also elaborate on using TensorFlow in finance and manufacturing.

“We’re excited to support new ways of thinking and innovation across organizations and industries,” said Uri Sarid, CTO, MuleSoft. “TensorFlow and MuleSoft make it easier to experiment with deep learning and machine learning.”

RSVP at www.tensorbeat.com