Stratifyd, Inc. revealed its first annual look at the amount of data created in an Internet Second. The second has become forgotten, passing in the blink of an eye. But on the internet, a second is a lifetime. Every moment, 28,935 GB of data are being created across countless corners of the web. Stratifyd analyzed data from various sources to determine the major transactions, interactions, and companies that drive this enormous creation of information wealth. Stratifyd welcomes this exponential growth of data, as with more information, the company will be able to provide more accurate and in depth business insights for its clients. The infographic highlights the results of the analysis of what makes up an Internet Second.

Stratifyd’s data analytics platform uses AI powered machine learning to process structured and unstructured data, collecting a wealth of data from a wide variety of sources to provide business insights faster and more efficiently. The artificial intelligence uses deep textual learning, natural language understanding, sentiment analysis, and smart structured data analysis with geographical, temporal, and predictive analysis to help clients understand their issues faster for quicker resolution. The seamlessly sharable dashboards allow anyone on the client’s team to possess the power of data science and provides the ability to apply their deep domain knowledge for the most accurate results.