Summary: Neural networks have grown in scale over the past several years, and training can require a massive amount of data and computational resources. To provide the required amount of compute power, we scale models to dozens of GPUs using a technique common in high-performance computing (HPC) but underused in deep learning. This technique, the ring allreduce, reduces the amount of time spent communicating between different GPUs, allowing them to spend more of their time doing useful computation. Within Baidu’s Silicon Valley AI Lab (SVAIL), we have successfully used these techniques to train state-of-the art speech recognition models. We are excited to release our implementation of the ring allreduce as a library as well as a patch for TensorFlow, and we hope that by releasing these libraries we can enable the deep learning community to scale their models more effectively.

To learn more about the ring allreduce and why it lets us scale easily to many GPUs, read on!

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