A simple guide for the clueless programmer that doesn’t know fancy terminology. Not a tutorial for dumb people, it is simply written in a more basic manner so it is easier to follow by any potential reader – from rookies to professionals – without assuming previous knowledge of the subject matter.


  • How complicated is it to create Neural Networks?
  • What can Neural Networks be used for?
  • What can’t you do with Neural Networks?
  • When should you use Neural Networks?
  • What exactly IS a Neural Network?
  • What is the difference between a Neural Network and conventional programming?
  • What would be a basic structure for a useful Neural Network?
  • What are input neurons and how many do I need?
  • What are output neurons and how many do I need?
  • What is backpropagation
  • Bias neuron?
  • What exactly happens with the data inside a neuron?

We conclude with teaching you something practical.

First steps in Neural Networks